Video on new rules designed to enhance player safety

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Thursday sent letters to coaches representing all levels of football -- youth, high school and college -- sharing with them the above videos, which described new NFL safety-related playing rules, including the crown of the helmet rule. Here is an excerpt from the Commissioner's letters:

"Earlier this month, we had the opportunity to spend some time in Ohio with generations of football players and members of the football community. From youth football players in Cleveland attending their first practice of the season, to a safety clinic for 500 football mothers at Ohio State University, to spending time with more than 100 NFL Hall of Famers in Canton at Hall of Fame weekend, we saw the full spectrum of our sport.

These events reminded me, yet again, that football transcends generations, unites communities, inspires our youth, and provides life lessons like no other sport. It is our responsibility to continue to evolve and improve our game for future generations.

As part of our ongoing conversation in this area, I want to share with you a video that describes safety-related playing rules that were approved by our teams for this season. ...

We hope this information is helpful and leads to a more exciting and safer game at all levels."